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Finding Joy Caring For Parents During the COVID-19 Outbreak

| Jun 10, 2020 | Firm News |

Teresa Clemons Office Manager

My parents are 86 years old, live in a wonderful community here in Williamsburg and are still quite active.When they moved here over 10 years ago, the plan was that I would be near by to take care of them as needed, and when they could no longer do for themselves.Never in my wildest imagination did I think that I would be taking care of them because of a pandemic that has somewhat paralyzed the Nation and has caused mandatory quarantines.

With both of them being in the “high risk” population, I do everything I can to eliminate any possible exposure to the monster called COVID-19.I am the only one allowed in the house. And when I do, I where a mask, gloves and disinfect as I go. We have created a path from the driveway through the garage and into the kitchen. They are both on the other side of the room.We chat as I put away the groceries, wipe down counters that have been exposed to the bags and then sterilize…me. My mom will text me with things she needs as she thinks of them. I try to limit to one trip a week to the grocery store, again to limit exposure. Sometimes I am not sure what she is going to do with some of the items. But I don’t ask. I assume like the rest of us she is getting bored and maybe going to create a new dish. She is an amazing cook.

After a modem failure at their house, I had to step up and become an internet technician, which is so about my pay grade. I had tried for days to call Cox Communications but they were not taking calls because of the mass influx of calls, totally understandable. After four days, and countless hours and text messages with my brothers, who do not live locally, trying to explain what to do still no wireless internet. But did get the phone up and working. I thought that was the most important, a way to communicate. Of course, they have cell phones but do not always have with them.I explained to my father that there a lot of people with emergencies and thank God his was not one of them. They have a hard-wired computer so he did have internet access just not wireless.He agreed but his face still said, I am annoyed. I couldn’t believe he was being like about his laptop. Come to find out, it was more than that, he couldn’t watch Netflix. Which when you are locked in the house, I guess is a needed outlet. Finally, was able to schedule a service call with Cox. Their new protocol was the technicians were not allowed to enter the home but could come into the garage. Perfect, they would call me when they were on the way and I would meet them at the house so my parents need not get involved. I waited in the driveway. Not often does it happen but the tech was a little early. As we walked up to garage there sits my father in the corner, 12 feet away waiting to oversee the repair, as he always does with any work being done on the house.I realized then, after I scolded him for coming out of the house, that he felt like I was treating him as if he could not longer do things for himself versus assisting him as to keep him away from any possible contamination.

Even though the time to help came sooner than later, I am so glad that I am here to help them though this unprecedented time and….always will be.Love you Mom and Dad.