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Barbara Armstrong Paralegal

Happy New Year!

Here we are already into the middle of January. Where does time go? Before you know it, daylight savings time will be upon us, daffodils and tulips will be blooming, and of course, allergies will be thriving!

Last year was a whirlwind. The year started out uneventful, but in July, tragedy struck our family. Our youngest granddaughter nearly drowned. She was saved due to the fast work of her other grandmother, who knew CPR, the police officer that arrived next and took over, and then the EMTs. She began breathing on her own, but the prognosis wasn’t good.

After two MRIs while at CHKD, it was discovered that she had suffered major brain damage. The little girl we knew was no longer with us. She was in CHKD in the PICU for almost two months and on a ventilator for a month. She suffered severe “storms” during this time. The doctors inserted a feeding tube. She and her family suffered greatly.

During that time, a GoFundMe page was set up. Through the generosity of folks, her parents were able to take family leave from their full-time jobs and took turns staying with her so that one of them would always be with her and the other with the other two girls. They were able to do some remodeling so that they could bring her home when the hospital finally released her. When she was released, it was a happy day. She was smiling when she heard a familiar voice. She started tracking with her eyes. She began moving her legs and arms so much more, although she couldn’t sit up.

Fast forward to this year. Our little one is now sitting up, and the other day, tried to stand! What tenacity she has. Through the diligence of her parents, she is continuing physical therapy and was accepted into a school program which she just started this month.

Although the doctors told us that we would never have our little girl back in the way she was before the accident, we are eternally grateful for the fact that she is still with us and I truly believe that she will walk again one day and begin to dance like she used to.

A new year brings new hope! God Bless.