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Teresa M. Clemons, Office Manager

My son and I are both “mosquito magnets”! We can be sitting outside with my husband and the only ones getting bitten … are us! Bites get better within a few hours for most people. But if you’re highly sensitive, like we appear to be, symptoms can last for several days. With years of itching and scratching, I wonder: why us?

Studies suggest that about twenty percent of people are “high attractor types” who are especially appealing to the female mosquitoes seeking out blood for the extra protein they need to lay eggs. There are 150 different species in the United States of these blood-sucking creepy crawlers.

Is it the color of our clothes? Could be. Mosquitoes have discerning fashion taste. Or at least, they’re more likely to spot you as a target if you stand out from your environment. Dark colors, especially, will attract more of the insect.

Do we squirm too much? Could be. The more you move, the easier you are to identify as a living receptacle bursting with delicious blood.

Are we too hot? Could be. As they get closer, it’s your body heat that draws the mosquito in.

Do we drink too much? Could be. People are not sure how mosquitoes sense the presence of ethanol, but drinking as little as one can of beer will significantly increase the attention you receive from the pests.

Is it genetic? Could be. A very high percentage of your susceptibility to mosquito bites has nothing to do with what you’re drinking or wearing, it’s genetic.The composition of your skin bacteria that naturally and healthily exists can be the attractor, as can acid and other substances present in your sweat.

Is it the wrong blood types? Could be.People with blood type O are more prone to mosquito bites, than those with type B, with type A folks bringing up the rear. Picky little bugs, aren’t they?

Well, we fall into most categories so, mystery solved…