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Change is in the Air

| Sep 25, 2017 | Firm News |

Debra C. Pecor, Senior Paralegal

Wow! Summer passed us rather quickly and fall is upon us. Okay, you can’t tell from the temperature, but the first day of fall has officially arrived. This is the time of year for all things fall: apple picking, fall festivals, seafood festivals (I live in Poquoson, yum!), peanut festivals – any reason to gather together and enjoy the cool, crisp fall weather. The leaves change; it’s just a beautiful time of year.

Change isn’t always easy in life. Some changes are good, some not so good. But each change brings with it an opportunity to grow in strength and, hopefully, in love. We hear about so many friends, family, and clients (who have become like family too) being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It’s such a sad diagnosis because the body is strong but the brain is just not functioning the way it should. I saw Dr. Oz show pictures of what happens to a brain with Alzheimer’s and truthfully, it was rather shocking and made me realize it is really much more than just losing your memory. Dr. Oz did say that he expects that within 10 years there will be a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Our firm is participating in a fundraising walk for Alzheimer’s in October. Perhaps if more funds for research can be raised, the cure could come more quickly. If you want to help, you can click this link : . Thank you!

In the meantime, enjoy your family. And enjoy this beautiful fall season! Enjoy each day… no one knows what tomorrow will bring.