More Than 20 Years Of Experience Building Lifelong Relationships

Jodi B., Paralegal

Life. Sometimes it’s so sweet and I wish I could bottle up the sweetness and savor it forever. Moments like the little voice from the backseat saying “I love you” unexpectedly and watching the dark eyelashes of the slumbering angel take peaceful breaths. And sometimes life is just plain sour and I’m glad time will ease the bitter sting. But most of the time, my life seems to exist between the sweet and sour moments and it is lived in the everyday hassle and hurry. It’s so easy to live and forget to love. Easier to tie the shoe than to teach to tie. Easier to say no than to think perhaps yes. Easier to live than to love. Easier still to forget to dream.

Working in estate and trust administration, the end of life is on my desk every day as I help others wrap up their late loved ones affairs. But as I help them navigate unfamiliar waters, it feels good to help. And often times, my work helps remind me to not just live, but to live what I love.