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Probate & Trust Admin Accountant / Department Supervisor


Handles all matters pertaining to the administration of estates and trusts of decedents and incompetents to include drafting and filing inventories and accountings with Commissioner of Accounts; preparing and filing fiduciary tax returns to include income, estate and gift tax returns; drafting correspondence, real estate deeds, and other legal documents; coordinating with other professionals as needed; monitoring suspense dates for all fiduciary filings to include tax returns and accountings; responding to general client inquiries regarding non-legal matters and serving as liaison between client and attorney. Also responsible for maintenance of client files and performing legal research as assigned. Supervises Admin Department paralegal and staff as necessary.


i) Daily or as otherwise required:

a. Handles estate/trust administration files from initial opening of the file to close of Firm representation;

b. Prepares fiduciary tax returns as required;

b. Drafts documents necessary for administration of probate estate from initial qualification of executor/administrator through filing of final accounting;

c. Obtains tax ID numbers; prepares certificates of trust and assignments of business and other interests; and drafts pleadings pertaining to court involvement in estate and/or trust matters;

d. Reads and analyzes will and trust documents to ensure administration properly follows instructions in documents;

e. Works closely with Commissioner of Accounts auditors in all jurisdictions and maintains good/ positive relationships with auditors and court clerks;

f. Supervises the proper maintenance of administration files;

g. Monitors suspense dates and regularly meets with Senior Paralegal and/or Attorney to review pending issues and status of administration files;

h. Keeps track of time and enters time in billing system daily;

i. Corresponds with clients via mail, telephone, and email and ensures prompt and courteous responses to client questions

ii) Weekly or as otherwise required:

(1) Performs computer document and e-mail clean up;

(2) Maintains administration checklists and updates administration templates as necessary;

c. Document shredding.


1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting;

2. Experience: On-the-job bookkeeping and tax preparation experience may be substituted for education;

3. Skills & Abilities: Must be familiar with federal and state fiduciary income tax returns, and federal estate (Form 706) and gift tax (Form 709) returns. Experience and/or knowledge regarding Virginia probate procedures and Virginia court system preferable; ability to decipher bank and brokerage statements; proficiency in Microsoft Word, Windows Office XP, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook required; experience with FasTax beneficial; strong organizational skills mandatory; ability to work independently required; ability to get along with others and communicate effectively is a must.