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Easy Gardening at Any Age

| Jun 7, 2018 | Firm News |

Teresa M. Clemons
Office Manager

Seniors don’t need to have a huge yard or sprawling piece of property to enjoy the many benefits of gardening. Hundreds of plant species can thrive inside a home as long as they are properly cared for. Here are a few suggestions:

Recognizable by its long and vibrant leaves is the spider plant. There are many different types of spider plants, and they are often hung from windows so the leaves can cascade over the sides of the pots. Spider plants can thrive as long as they get a little bit of sunlight every day and are watered at least once a week.

Very few indoor plants are as popular as the peace lily, and many cultures believe these flowers bring good luck into a home. They are also an excellent air purifier. To keep the petals and leaves healthy, they require indirect sunlight and moist potting soil at all times.

Aloe vera is extremely easy to care for and also has the benefit of healing qualities. Many people make burn salves and topical pain relief creams from the gel inside an aloe vera plant. This plant doesn’t need much water but it should be kept near a window to get as much light as possible.

Beautiful and delicious, try to plant some mint. This herb is easy to care for and as the leaves grow larger, you can pick a few off to throw in a cup of tea or ice water.

Senior who are more interested in vibrant flowers might want to go with an African violet. These beautiful flowers vary in color depending on their location, but most petals are bright purple or blue. African violets shouldn’t be watered until the soil is completely dry, and the leaves can’t get wet or spotting will occur.

With some encouragement and assistance, even older adults with limited mobility can enjoy caring for indoor plants.

Please be aware that peace lilies, aloe vera, and mint are toxic to dogs and cats.