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Yoga For Healthy Aging

| May 25, 2018 | Firm News |

Valerie M. Hollar, Paralegal

Being an estate planning paralegal and a registered yoga teacher, I constantly meet clients and students with a common issue – worrying about injuries and finding stability and strength as they age.

The practice of yoga is on the rise across the United States, including for those who are 65 and over. Yoga is becoming a part of a healthy aging routine that not only promotes a stronger body less prone to injuries, but also a sharper mind. University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of family medicine, Irene Hamrick, reported the number of falls in older adults dropped forty-eight percent in the six months after they began taking yoga classes! Especially practicing the style of yoga known as “Hatha”. By incorporating a practice combining postures, breath-work, and meditation, you are able to give the whole body a form of a “workout”.

These poses can be completed on the floor, standing, or even sitting in a chair. They improve flexibility, mood, and teach the mind to be more present. Among people 65 years and older, falls are the leading cause of injury leading to hospital admissions, or even death. I’m sure we all know someone who has fallen and broken a hip at an older age, and what troubles that can cause. Yoga is a step in the right direction to helping prevent these types of events from happening! Practicing yoga will help to build core and muscle strength throughout the body, leading to more stability and balance when walking, bending, etc.

If your doctor has been suggesting you start an exercise program or if you have a loved one or relative that needs to get moving, think of yoga!There are several studios and non-studio locations that host this type of yoga on the Peninsula. If you have any questions or would like to know where to look, please comment!

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